Medical Society

Audience Engagement – Live Conference


This client presented us with the challenge to create an engaging educational program centered on new FDA opioid-prescribing guidelines for their Annual Meeting.


The nature of the information surrounding the new FDA opoid-prescribing guidelines was clinical and needed to be engaging to have impact.


In order to bring life to the dry nature of prescribing information, we developed an interactive program based on the popular ESPN sports feature, "Pardon the Interruption." Using green-screen technology, we created several short, themed videos in which two KOLs discussed key points of opioid-prescribing guidelines in a rapid, easy to follow, entertaining method. These videos were then displayed on large-screen monitors at the Annual Meeting. In addition to the videos, attendees participated in live Q&A sessions with the featured KOLs, trivia games, and a visual scavenger hunt in order to complete the program.


The enduring online program extended the activity beyond the Annual Meeting, providing our client with a cost efficient way to surpass their target participation goal, reaching over 2,000 healthcare professionals.