Healthcare Society



With 35 vendors, scheduled presentations, a live theater, and thousands of leads to capture, our client needed a way to manage each of the components so, they turned to us.


They needed a way to present each vendor's assets in an attractive and engaging way, while capturing valuable lead data in an open exhibit floor setting.


We designed an interactive directory for touchscreen monitors strategically-placed in areas of highest traffic. Before entering the exhibit, attendees scanned their badges to access the directory, which displayed vendor tiles in several different categories. By touching a vendor tile, attendees could view videos, whitepapers and important information about vendors and their products. Favoriting capabilities allowed attendees to view selected vendor information from their personal devices during and after the annual conference.


Not only were we able to provide a method of capturing lead data, but we also integrated the ability for attendees to gather vendor information in an attractive, interactive format. All of this was done while simultaneously managing vendor presentations and a live theater with audience-engaging trivia games.