Medical Communications Company

Dinner Meetings


With several hundred dinner meetings to plan and execute, our client had the colossal task of managing all of the details including logistics, recruitment, training, and outcomes within the span of one year. Nariel was employed to design a customized solution to not only serve the obvious tasks but to make the tedious ones easy to accomplish.


They needed a smart portal equipped with features for every team member. It required an outbound call center with email and fax capabilities which was fast and easy to use.


We developed a solution with many moving parts, intelligent enough to identify missing steps in the process which needed attention; from registration to reminders to attendee tracking to confirmations and follow-up emails. Even speaker training was simplified with our video-hosting and progress tracking.


Because our system streamlined an otherwise overwhelming process, the client not only executed their program successfully, but they also accomplished each task using the minimal number of personnel. As a result of working smarter, our client was able to drastically lower expenses and increase their bottom line.