Medical Society

Mobile Interactions


Our client wanted a cost effective solution to engage their audience at their yearly conference that was centered around health. We were presented with the challenge.


They had hoped to create a mobile application to accomplish their goal; however, the cost for app development far exceeded their budget.


We developed a Fitness Challenge program that allowed participants to submit their exercise activity details via mobile texting. The system tallied up their entries and posted the top 10 on a big screen Leaderboard at their booth. The solution was easy for both our client and for participants who did not have to download a new app onto their phones. It was a SMARTER investment than initially imagined as our client was able to showcase sponsor information and gain a new avenue for communicating with their attendees.


Not only were we able to provide our client, with a system that successfully engaged their audience, we were able to do so at only 1/3 the cost of a mobile app, well within their budget.