We Believe

We believe that organizations shouldn't be limited to using systems that don't quite work the way they work. That getting a tailored solution shouldn't have to break the bank. And that a good technology partner should never suggest either.

We also believe that working smarter is not optional. That creating more engaging programs is a must. And that leveraging new technology for better outcomes should be a daily occurrence.

Nariel is a Technology Partner with the expertise that only 35 years of developing technological solutions can provide. For the last 15, we've been bringing our passion to the healthcare sector, developing creative, scalable, and custom solutions that support your programs and your business.

As a Technology Partner, we create and
implement the right solutions for our clients.
It's why we feel comfortable making this offer:
We Guarantee
Your project will reach completion as promised, for the agreed upon
budget, in the agreed upon time. We won't leave your side until you're
100% satisfied, or we'll do something that's unheard of in our
industry… we'll give you your money back.
What We Do

Explore how we create custom solutions
from the ground up

Healthcare Communications


Live or virtual, we develop technical solutions to engage your audiences.
  • Virtual Advisory Boards
  • Scientific Meetings
  • Conferences & Tradeshows
  • Live Meetings & Events
  • Dinner Meetings
  • Opinion Leader Engagement
  • Patient/Consumer Engagement
Medical Education / Training / Learning

Medical Education
Training / Learning

Live or virtual, we develop systems to deliver your educational content.
  • Healthcare Professional Education
  • Promotional Medical Education
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Patient Education
  • Interactive Speaker Training
  • Disease-awareness Programs
  • On-demand Learning
Our Approach

Our Approach

Live or virtual, we bring innovation to a whole new level.
  • Live Audience Engagement
  • Interactive Web-based Programs
  • Educational Videos
  • Gamification
  • Mobile & Texting Platforms
  • Registration & Management Portals
  • Systems Development & Automation
What We've Done
Medical Education
Medical Education

Simplifying audience recruitment for nation-wide educational activities with over 190,000 physicians


Presenting vendor information, capturing lead data and managing live theaters at a conference with over 40,000 attendees

Dinner Meetings
Dinner Meetings

Streamlining processes for several hundred dinner meetings: registration, reminders, attendance & more

Mobile Interactions
Mobile Interactions

Finding ways to reach and engage audiences at a large annual conference, without breaking the bank

Medical Coding
Medical Coding

Revolutionizing the medical coding process by replacing bulky printed material with easily accessible online resources

Audience Engagement
Audience Engagement (Live)

Surpassing target participation goals by transforming prescribing information into an interactive live conference program

In our 15 years, we've never
had a client say we didn't deliver. - Elias Ocasio

Work Smarter Plan


We'll Chat
Step 1
We'll Chat

Let's take a little time and get to know each other. Share with us what you stand for, what your goals are, your products and your pain points. And learn how we can help your organization develop smarter solutions that help you work easier, faster and with greater cost efficiency.

Create a Custom Solution
Step 2
Create a Custom Plan

We'll innovate, customize and scope out a plan so that your organization will get the technology that's just right. We'll create new ways of doing things to meet your budget. And we'll set contingencies to ensure that the execution of your programs have the best chance of reaching your business objectives.

Execute Together
Step 3
Execute Together

The most efficient relationships are the kind that work as partnerships. Nariel is committed to not only developing the right technical solution for your organization, but to also seeing it through implementation and beyond. At Nariel, we are personally committed to your success.

Nariel has been a trusted partner of ours for more than 15 years. Their ability to stay ahead of the ever-changing healthcare technology environment, combined with their solid foundation inlogistical planning, has helped our company deliver groundbreaking products and services much more efficiently and effectively.

James Miller
Executive Director
Medical Education Company

I keep coming back to Nariel when developing new products for our large and midsize pharma clients because of their brilliant customer service. When meeting with our teams, they arrive prepared with innovative solutions, future evolutions anticipating upcoming needs, and troubleshooting in real time. When our clients have only a vague idea of what they need, Nariel patiently works with them to find the best-fit technology package. We often find that 'small' projects grow into larger relationships for us with Nariel as well as our clients. I cannot recommend them enough – they will make your life easier!

Sophia Wiedermann
Senior Account Manager
Healthcare Communications Company
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We believe that "loving your neighbor" is not just good for the neighbor but good for our souls. We started MyNeighborPR.org right after Hurricane Maria hit ground in Puerto Rico in 2017. From food and water distribution to building roofs we continue to serve our neighbors who are still struggling in the aftermath. Read more >